Fighting The Good Fight With Knightmage’s Punisher

Enter The Punisher!

To say that I was surprised by the request to do this article is an understatement. I was at work when suddenly my phone burst into maniacal laughter, Jynx’s laugh from League of Legends to be exact, and suddenly I found myself speaking to none other than a cosplay legend in a league of his own, Mister Michael “Knightmage” Wilson!

Sparing the details, I jumped at the chance for a multitude of reasons. You see, loyal and lovely reader, I am a die hard fan of cosplay. The art is an amazing show of creativity and tenacity. Where others see a pile of thrift store cast offs, a cosplayer can see the realization of a dream. To this end, I am subscribed to the Knightmage Facebook. This page is a constant source of interaction with the man himself and how he turns, for example, a Sloth mask to the Toxic Avenger. If you haven’t checked Knightmage out, you are missing out.

Alright I digress, the point of the night here is about something else that I am a die hard fan of. Like many before me, and Mr. Knightmage himself, I am a humanist. To this end Knightmage has begone a new campaign that well… Let’s hear the man explain it,

4 [8867]
“In an effort to continue to make costumes I create more
meaningful than just a creative outlet for myself, I’ve decided to start a new charity print campaign. I’m partnering with various photographers, charities and websites and doing location based photo shoots that coincides with the character as well as choosing the charity that directly or indirectly correlates to the character in some way. The character that is on deck is the Punisher.” – Knightmage

Knightmage Punisher Charity Set

That is right, Punisher from Marvel fame. Now one could ask, “What does the Punisher have to do with a charity?” Well that is actually a fairly simple answer, like the charity Safe Horizon, the Punisher is out there righting wrongs within New York City since the 1970’s (1978 and 1974 respectively). The wrongs of domestic violence, child physical and sexual abuse, human trafficking, stalking, youth homelessness and violent crimes against a family member within communities are met with compassionate and expert support by the nation’s largest non-profit victim services agency.

See, some heroes don’t have supernatural powers. These notable individuals have very natural ones. Like Frank Castle the Punisher, they know when things are not right in the world. Coupled with a will that will persevere no matter what, as long as there is a victim to protect they continue long after many would have simply given up. I speak of police officers. I speak of case workers. I speak of shelter workers,  councilors and teachers. I speak of those at Safe Horizon, who care enough to have dedicated their lives to helping those who, and this surprises many who have never been in said dire straights, do not know how to ask for help. From a woman escaping an abusive situation, a child who doesn’t know where to turn about what happened to them because they don’t know any authorities who speak their language, to a family grieving from a recent violent tragedy; Safe Horizon’s 57 program locations have ways to aid and provide benefits to those in need.

This may not sound like anything amazing to some, but it is a special kind of ripple effect on the community. See, it is a bit like the Punisher who effects one criminal and his reputation spreads to another and another. The people at New Horizon can save one child, who learns they are not alone in this world. That child not only turns down a brighter path and does not actively create more victims, but when they encounter a child down the road of life, they know what to do to help. Butterfly effect if you will, but the effect is there none the less. In my day job, I see this type of effect in many ways. The world needs more services like this not only in New York City but across the entire world. Yeah, I said world. All we need is love people.

5 [8868]6 [8869]Now this is all fine and good but what does this have to do with the price of                          ammunition? See dear reader, you can head over to Knightmage’s store envy and purchase prints of this shoot at the rate of $25. The proceeds of said sale go to benefit this amazing worthy cause.

In closing I wanted to thank Knightmage for allowing me to cover this as it is something I enjoy doing. Furthermore, I want to thank Safe Horizon for all the work they do. They are superheroes in every sense of the word and sincerely hope their example spreads like wildfire. Charity work, no matter the cause, is good for the soul, heart and mind. Knightmage exemplifies the ideals of charity and has done so for as long as I have followed him. Even in my interview of Knightmage I did while writing for Nerdarchy I learned he was a noble soul. As I did then, I offer Knightmage an open door that if he ever needs help on a project, I will do so in a heart beat.

Photographer: Black Apple Studios / MJP Photos

Costume and Cosplay: Michael “Knightmage” Wilson

Dodge Charger provided by: Bob and Chuck Eddy   (Check out their Facebook)

Safe Horizon can be reached at the following:

7 [8870]


Enter the Angels

To Whom It May Concern,

That sounds so uptight doesn’t it? that isn’t my style at all. More like my older brother Mi… you know what, I’ll save that for later. Alright, let’s start off this letter a bit differently shall we?

Hello my name is Gabriel, and I am an angel. Not like a what you are picturing but a bonified warrior of God, with a big G. Created by Him for a specific purpose. What that purpose is?, well your guess is as good as mine. I should probably explain that.

Where to begin, well the beginning of time is fine but takes to long. How about I shorten it up to the exciting parts for you humans? See, in the beginning of time god created many beings of energy and called them angels. We were instructed to watch over and exert his will on earth. Each of us was crafted in a special way but only He knew what the plan was on that. Once we learn it ourselves, we change and evolve and change in both power and appearance. Well my path in eternity is still unknown to me. I bet it is going to be something great like Angel of Kings or something. Until I find it, I am scribe and get to document things the greater angels do both in Heaven and Earth.

We are not just our powers you see, we each have our own personalities. Except Michael, that guy is entirely too serious and has no personality. Guess I should introduce you to my family shouldn’t I? 

Since I mentioned him let’s start with Michael. Michael was born to be a warrior. He knew, I knew it, you humans before you even ate the fruit of knowledge knew it. Almost from birth his wings were made of the purest metal, each feather like a well crafted blade. Yeah, he looks cool and I think he knows it. Like I said though, he is a warrior and as an archangel, he is privy to some knowledge from Him that I don’t know or even want to. Leave that to tall, broad, and covered in muscles to handle. Whatever he knows, it is enough that he is constantly preparing. For all intents and purposes, he is in charge. Guy scares me to be honest.

Christopher is probably my favorite, he is most people’s favorite. His shtick is travel and guiding people. He goes around the world, speaking to everyone and anyone. Always quick with a joke, he is sure to make you laugh. In fact, God has laughed at his jokes so many times it is what he asks of Christopher upon his return each time. Everytime he comes back with new stories and new clothes. He likes clothes the way Michael likes things that are sharp and pointy. Christopher is likely the tallest of us, and his skin is very dark but that matches his wings very well. See his wings became like the finest cloth showing the night sky complete with constellations that change as he is viewed. Like you see him from the East and he shows the stars of the west. From the South you see the North. Whatever you need to guide you, he is exactly what you need no matter the weather or time of day. Of course he wears his wings like a cloak when he walks. Fashion and all is always his focus. 

Razial is, well, he is a spark of energy. A real spitfire. Which works well considering his flaming red hair and wings made of the purest flames in creation. He is quick on action and slow on thought. Thankfully Michael reins him in but Razial is rightly feared by most humans. When he shows up, you screwed up, big time. As the instrument of God’s punishment, his temperment and callousness is an asset. See I know the real Razial and he does not enjoy doing his job, it is a job, pure and simple. What he does enjoy is music and dance. His drum circles are legendary in Heaven. He even managed to drag Michael to dance, once. It didn’t last but it did happen. 

Michael may be in charge in effect but in all and actuality there is one Angel higher than him. The Seraphim Lucia, she who brings light. Her power is… well it is light and so much more. Second only to God, Lucia is without question the last line against the forces of Hell. A warrior like Michael, she does her Duty. Problem is, her power is so great that humans get caught in the crossfire. She loves humans, so this makes her sad. You have not seen sorrow until you have seen the tears falling from those blue eyes. I just hope someday she does not have to enter what is to come. 

Guess that brings us to why I am writing this. Well, God is a fan of the written word for one. The other is well, we are going to war. It is not like the wars you humans fight, because when those are done, you rebuild and move on. If we lose, you lose. The sad part is that we may be hated for what we must do. See there is something, we have not been told what, maybe Michael knows but he has not said anything, but something out there is feeding on the sins of mankind and bringing them to the forefront. Guess you live in sin, you will die for it. Razial burned two cities to the ground with fire and brimstone because they were so corrupt. 

Now the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah was just the first blow we struck, but it won’t be the last. Though we saved the few pure humans there from punnishment, and they have joined our fight as best as they can, we are out numbered. Everyone, regardless of allegiance to kingdom or heathen gods, is turning and joining the great army that now stands poised to lay siege to the Kingdom of God, and after that the heavens themselves. 

What scares me most, is who leads this army. I know angels, and was even there when man was created, but these beings are not made of God. Personifications made of the seven deadly sins, the very things God warned man not to aspire to. Almost like the being, whoever it was, that leads this whole army is calling God out and trying to mock his ways. 

Mankind was all to willing to pick up the tools and weapons of this ungodly way of life. Mere mortals daring to turn their backs on god. God was content to let them self destruct, merely thinking sending a messenger Angel to the largest gatherings. Instead of taking the offer of amnesty and forgiveness, they attacked the Angels. Now, each of the seven legions marches with an Angel crucified alive, tortured with the sin that legion embodies. These messengers completing their duty one final time. 

The message is clear. This is no mere rebellion…

This is war…

Greetings and Salutations!

As my other page has officially disapeared and cannot even be found apparently… I have started this blog to document various projects I am working on. Expect to see write ups on gaming, thoughts on society, and progress on my novel I am working on.  I hope to see you all as we take this journey together.